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What are


A collection of 8 888 generative art NFT’s living on the SOLANA blockchain,
serving as your membership to an exclusive club of the coolest Creatives, Merch and Experiences.


BlockBoy 'n Friend$

This is where the story starts


He is not from here but he has made VER$E his home


BlockHEad$ represent the familia, the early adopters, the trend spotters and the die hard supporters of BBNF.


A list of challenges to build the community, and reward the people that do.

Get Whitelist

Get whitelist by spending the $BBX Coin you earned from completing BlockLi$t challenges

Marketplace | Store

Access the store and buy Pre-Mint Perks, Limited Edition Merch, Raffles Tickets and more.



Launch BlockHead$

We are live

BlockHead$ are launched to the public.

Launch $BBX Token

Our culture token goes live

$BBX can only be earned by completing items on the BlockLi$t or contributing to the community.

Exchange $BBX on our Marketplace to buy Pre-Mint Perks, Limited Edition Merch, Raffles Tickets and more.

- Supply Capped at 888 888 888
- Circulating supply is generated by the community.
- More information to be released

Airdrop $BBX Tokens

Exclusively for our OG Discord members

Our OG Discord members deserve some thanks. So we will be airdropping some $BBX Tokens straight into your wallets.
You will be added to a closed discord channel for more instructions.

Reveal BlockLi$t

The BlockLi$t challenges are designed to grow our influence and reward our members.

Earn $BBX token by completing the BlockLi$t challenges.
Each challenge ranges in difficulty and reward. The harder it is to do, the more rewarding it will be.

Marketplace goes Live

Spend your $BBX, enter raffles or buy exclusive merch on our marketplace

The Marketplace will be home to the most exclusive items, Pre-Mint perks and more!
Only $BBX token will be accepted as payment.

Mint! Mint! Mint! Mint! Mint! -
1 - 2 SOL | 8 888 Supply | Date TBC |



Staking Rewards

Staking goes live for BlockHead$ and $BBX holders

You can earn $BBNF Token in one of three ways:

1 - Stake your BlockHead$ and earn 10 BBNF Tokens per BlockHead every 24 hours.
2 - Burn your BlockHead$ and earn 500 BBNF tokens once off.
3 - Adding Liquidity to the liquidity pool by staking $BBX-SOL or $BBX-USDC.

Liquidity Pools

Launch liquidity Pools for $BBX-SOL and $BBX-USDC Trading pairs

Earn $BBNF by adding liquidity to the pools.

Marketplace V2

Our next iteration of the marketplace goes live.

Exclusive fashion collaboration drops, only available on our Official Store, with early access to BlockHead$ holders.
- Limited Edition Collectables, Fashion, Sneakers, Art, Comic Books and more.
- Creator Marketplace
- xBlocks
- VER$E Land Sales

Launch DAO

The Decentralised Organisation launches

Our DAO goes live, and BlockHead$ owners will have a say in the projects we take part in, collaborations we do, and how the Creator Fund is distributed.

Access to Artists

Exclusive sessions with Professional creatives

Exclusive sessions with influential artists from around the world. Learn, absord, do.

Creator Fund

Apply to the Creator Fund for funding. Candidates will be chosen by the DAO

The DAO will have the ability to assign funds from the BlockVault to deserving projects that push the limit of human creativity and inspiration.


The BBNF Universe that will host it all. From stores, to immersive experiences, events, residences, games, meeting areas, and more.

VER$E will be a utopia for creatives, hosting immersive experiences, residences, retail on a new level, and entertainment experiences.


Unique projects that will influence culture.

Our xBlocks projects go live:

Comic Series
Limited Edition Art
Feature Film

"This blew our F$king minds. The Apes are Bored and we're ready for something Fresh."
- Anonymous
"NFT's the way they should be done! VER$E will be the inspiration for the future of the Metaverse."
- Anonymous
"Let's collab."
- Anonymous
"The best thing since sliced Supreme"
- Anonymous
"It's aight"
- Anonymous