The Story

When BlockBoy was still an infant, his father brought him to VER$E (A parallel Earth), as a means to escape their own planet, SOL-Prime - A planet 6 light years away.

Although being aliens in their new home, they have been able to seamlessly blend into the society of VER$E, because it is a planet home to the strangest creatures in the universe. The atmosphere of the planet allows all light in the known spectrum to be visible to the naked eye, for everybody. This allows beings to co-exist in multiple realms and dimensions of physical space, be it 2D, 3D or spirit.

Immediately as soon as we get introduced to BlockBoy, we get to know his friends. Ty, Larry & Tim. Brought to Eve by their fathers, just like BB. The atmosphere of eve has resulted in the boys growing up mutated with radiant colourful skin as a side effect from the experiments their scientist fathers put them through as new-borns, back on SOL-Prime.

Like any relationship between mutually ostracised people the bonds that tie them together are strong and they consider themselves to be family, brothers. They have all experienced the many natural wonders of VER$E and have seen the darkest of its society.

Through the turbulence of their extra-ordinary lives, there are threads of relatability woven into the grander picture of the tale, making BBNF feel right at home with our lives here on earth.

BlockBoy when he was still a kid

The Present

BlockBoy, Ty, Larry and Tim have been exploring VER$E, finding the coolest collaborations, cars and experiences. Join them on their epic adventures.