About BlockBoy

When BlockBoy was still an infant, his father brought him to VER$E.

Although being an alien in his new home, he has been able to seamlessly blend into the society of VER$E, because it is a planet home to the strangest creatures in the universe with the most diverse arts and culture.

Blockboy’s cool and calm nature made it easy for him to get engrossed in the culture of VER$E.

Over the years he has developed a pure love for the arts, sneakers and automobiles.

His passions have lead him to form collaborative relationships with the leaders of the culture wave on his new home planet.

What does this legendary journey reveal next?

BT-SkyShark P1

The Mission

BlockBoy hopes to create an extensive bridge across several artistic disciplines with the aim to encourage more collaborative efforts in the art space.
BB wants the young generation of this planet to understand that working together leads to a stronger future in any of their respective fields.

The BBNF brand will be collaborating on various projects such as:
- A Feature film
- Comic series
- Games
- Merch
- And More